since 1981, fallsdell machinery has built an australia wide customer network in 在线视频久久网0the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and allied trade industries to provide a unique resource to 在线视频久久网1recommend, source and supply a wide range of high quality new and second hand machinery.

fallsdell machinery now buys, trades or consigns surplus equipment from single machines right 在线视频久久网2through to complete 67194成在线观看免费3lines, anywhere in the country.

our knowledge and experience in handling the purchase, sale or disposal of equipment at any level is the cornerstone of our service.

fallsdell offers an exciting and high quality range of new equipment
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fallsdell has an extensive range of second hand equipment to meet the needs of our customers.
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we have aquired a new and unused "mespic" doy pack / pouch handling and packing system, this unit is complete from "the unloading the packs to sealing the cartons" with a value of over 2 million dollars, this is the opportunity to purchase an exceptional packing line at a fraction of the cost... click here for more information.

zoatec is a subsidiary of azo in osterburken and is your competent partner in mixing, dispersing and homogenizing of liquid and semi-solid products. zoatec's experience in plant construction and engineering in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and chemical industry - guarantees you a reliable implementation of your concepts and customized solutions according to your here for more information.

since 1964 capmatic's unique packaging systems, unmatched passion for excellence and innovation have provided its customers the means to adapt to the changing market within the pharmaceutical, diagnostic, bio-medical, nutraceutical, health care, cosmetic & beauty care, chemical and food & beverage industries. capmatic continues to thrive on the latest automation technologies using the most innovative design and modern methodology to manufacture high-quality customized packaging equipment, from semi-auto to fully automatic packaging systems and complete production lines. these packaging equipment include unscramblers, cleaners, desiccant & cotton inserters, filling equipment, electronic tablet & capsule counters, pluggers, crimpers, cappers and labelers. here for more information

holland is the world's largest manufacturer and exporter of tablet compression tooling to the pharmaceutical, veterinary, food and beverage, cosmetics, confectionery, chemical, household products, batteries and associated here for more information.

flexicon a/s was founded in 1986 and has ever since its foundation been specializing in peristaltic filling systems primarily for the pharmaceutical, bio-tech and diagnostic here for more information

ptk manufacture a range of rotary tablet presses, auto capsule filling machines, coating machines and high speed mixers with stylish designs, robust structures and state of the art performance for the pharmaceutical, food and associated here for more information

sotax leads the way in the development and manufacture of high-quality pharmaceutical testing equipment and associated services. their equipment is used worldwide in the development and production processes within the pharmaceutical science and associated industries. click here for more information

ci specialise in the design and manufacture of precision weighing systems for quality assurance in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. our areas of expertise include precision weighing, product handling, electronic design, software design, gmp and validation. we have a strong technical team and develop and manufacture all of our own here for more information